Couples Counselling

Over the years I’ve had to learn how to navigate being in a relationship and while unlearning certain behaviours I adopted during my upbringing. One of the reasons I’m so passionate about working with couples is I know how hard it can be. Both my partner and I come from very different upbringings. We have different love languages. We have different attachment styles. We are very different. And yet, we’ve found a way to navigate these differences together and you can too.

I will help you and your partner build a connection based on safety and trust. At some point, your love felt invincible and you found comfort in each other – We will work together to reinstill that feeling. Are you in?

$170 plus hst

Individual Counselling

We all want to feel loved and acknowledged, but our world has dictated that having the perfect job, pleasing our parents, owning a home are all areas that show success. It can feel next to impossible to be perfect in all areas of our life. I know the pressure of trying to please others while ignoring my own needs. 

Saying “no” or feeling debilitating fear around asserting your needs should not cost you your relationships. I will work with you to shift that mindset that is holding you back. 

Let’s work together on building that confidence, inserting boundaries and honing in on your ‘Main Character’ to live the most authentic life that YOU want – not what others are expecting from you.

$130 plus hst

My Approach

I believe in curating an environment where clients are able to feel safe and supported while on this journey of healing. I see myself as a navigator who walks alongside you, cheering you on. 

Whether you are looking for couples work or individual work, I want all my clients to feel empowered and heard in this process. 

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