Who I Serve

I work with clients of all types and specialize in clients who identify as BIPOC and first generation Canadian. I have worked with: 


Anxiety can impact so many areas of your life. The same emotions that can motivate you and protect you are the same emotions that seem to be working against you. I can help!  I will work with you in finding the right tools for you to manage anxiety and stress. Even when things feel out of control, I’m here to help you feel empowered to take on these challenges or at least make them feel a little more manageable.


If you are feeling like you’re just existing, it’s never too late to get the help you need to just get through the day.  I use a mix of evidence-based practices that help you understand and manage depression. I will work with you on focusing on how you can attain your goals without the overwhelm. 

Grief and Loss

Grief and loss show up in many ways. As the world moves on, you feel like you have to as well. There is no timeline for grief. As your therapist, I’m here to support you through processing the grief while providing the tools to help aid in the healing journey. I will give you the space to process these feelings you’re experiencing and support you in navigating life after loss.

Relationship Issues

There are many factors that go into making a relationship special.  Within Couples work, we find ways to navigate the relationship in a respectful and loving manner while still staying true to your values and dreams. I teach communication skills and find ways to rebuild connection and intimacy.

Family Conflict

It’s common for families to go through periods of conflict and stress but when it stays like that over an extended period of time it can disrupt your family’s sense of togetherness and connection. Moving through conflict can deepen the bonds that make your family what it is.  I will help your family reconnect to live in deeper harmony with one another.


Trauma impacts our ability to feel safe here and now, and when it does it becomes hard to experience the present moment with ease. Life can feel overwhelming and out of control when it feels unsafe to be in our own bodies. I will help you reestablish safety and trust with yourself and your body so you can enjoy life on your terms. 

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