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Resources I highly recommend!

Resources I highly recommend!

I love a good self help read or a good Ted talk. If you ask any therapist, they usually have a book, or atraining or even a instagram page that has been beneficial in their own personal journey. I like to sharethe knowledge so here are some resources I recommend : -...

Is Stress the issue in your relationship?

Is Stress the issue in your relationship?

No one thinks about how stress can be the mood killer in a relationship. There have been many studiesthat have shown the impacts stress has on the body physiologically, but stress is one of those things thatseem to fester into other parts of our lives. It impacts the...

Recommended Resources



  • Calm App  – Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Dr. Nicole LePera – @The.Holistic.Psychologist
  • Nedra Tawwab – @NedraTawwab
  • Gottman Institute
  • Matthias Barker- @MatthiasJBarker (Licensed Marriage and Family therapist. specializing in Trauma and Relationships)
  • Headspace (check out the Netflix Series , part of your Netflix membership)
  • Sex with Jess @SexwithDrJess (Sexologist)

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